Umesh encourages Rinku to hit without hesitation.

On Sunday, the Kolkata Knight Riders found themselves in a precarious position, needing 29 runs off the last over against the Gujarat Titans. However, Rinku Singh stepped up to the plate and delivered a win that his captain, Nitish Rana, described as one in a hundred. 

After Umesh Yadav took a single off the first ball of the final over, Rinku got strike on the second ball and proceeded to hit five consecutive sixes off Yash Dayal, ultimately sealing KKRs chase of 205. It was an incredible display of skill and determination, and Rana was quick to praise Rinku’s performance. In the previous game, Rana had emphasized the importance of holding up one end and keeping batting, and Rinku had clearly taken that advice to heart. Rana acknowledged that he himself might have doubted their ability to chase down such a daunting total, but Rinku had the confidence and skill to make it happen.

Some have questioned why Rinku Singh doesn’t play a more prominent role on the team, but Rana pointed out that Rinku had delivered a similar performance last year, even though they didn’t win the game then. Rana had no doubt that Rinku had the ability to pull off such a feat, as he had seen it firsthand before.Overall, it was an impressive display of skill and determination from Rinku Singh, and a reminder that anything is possible in the game of cricket. For more headlines and news updates for ipl, cricket and other sports, visit flash exchange 777.

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