Ian Bishop’s Lethal Warning to Recovering Bumrah Ahead of IPL 2023

Former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop has offered his condolences to injured pacer Jasprit Bumra in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). The Bishop acknowledged that not every bowler with Bumrah’s ability could compete in all international competitions.

Wood did it and it seems to have helped him. In the West Indies he made 43 Tests and he made 84 one-day appearances in his International (ODI). Bishop said it was too late for Bumrah to fine-tune his bowling action. Bumrah, one of the best bowlers in the game’s modern era, had been ruled out of the 2023 IPL due to a recurring back injury. The act of sprinting up and down causes significant stress on the hamstring and requires a substantial amount of physical exertion from the body. It has to be managed,” Bishop told PTI.

“Any fast bowler worth his soul can play all formats of the game all year and maintain his cutting-edge pace, it is just too demanding. The sprint up and and down, the hamstring, the workload of the body. It has to be managed,” Bishop told PTI.

This is the first time he has missed his entire IPL season since the 2013 edition of Maned was a big hit in his league. Bishop thinks it may take Bumra a little more time to make a comeback and find his way.

In summary, Bishop’s advice and encouragement for Bumra during his injury-related setback is commendable. It’s important for experienced players like Bishop to guide and mentor younger players like Bumrah. We wish Bumra a speedy recovery and his return to the field.

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